Road Warrior Plus Temporary Paint Protection

  • 8 Ounce kit will coat approximately 15 sq. ft. of finished painted surface. (2 applications per coat) The 8oz bottle contains (236mL) of Road Warrior Plus.
  • 16 Ounce kit will coat approximately 30 sq. ft. of finished painted surface. (2 applications per coat)Each kit includes 2 8oz bottles (473mL) of Road Warrior Plus.
  • One applicator tray with roller is included with all kits.

    Protect your paint and save hours of clean-up time. Offers temporary, durable protection against rock chips, road rubber, cone marks, and any debris that might otherwise damage paint or clear bra. Perfect for track days, autocross, road trips or off-roading. Nothing else offers temporary, clear, durable protection that peels off like Road Warrior Plus. It's perfectly safe on all paint, directly over clear bra, and over plastic trim. The pictures on this site are our personal cars, and both of our cars have full clear bra. It's been rigorously tested by a laboratory to ensure safety on your vehicle.

  • Apply with our paint-roller kit directly onto paint or clear bra. See our "How to Apply" video, Apply 2-3 THICK coats for best protection and easy peeling. It must be thick, like pancake syrup on pancakes, in order to protect effectively AND peel off easily. Product dries to a clear, tough film in about an hour in 70 degrees F. Leave on for as long as you like. When finished with your road trip, race, off-road adventure or other driving event, just peel it off to reveal perfectly clean paint or clear bra.

  • After applying, product will remain for weeks or longer. REMOVE IN SHADE ONLY - NEVER SUN. Your paint must be completely cool before attempting to peel. As an alternative to peeling, you can remove using a pressure washer and remove in 60 to 70 degrees F.
  • Road Warrior Plus Paint Protection contains neither silicone or chlorine compounds and has zero VOC's. The Road Warrior Plus Paint Protection dry film has been environmentally tested according to EPA Regulations and Guidelines. The cured film remains biodegradable and may also be recycled back into the plastics industry. Under current waste disposal regulations the Road Warrior Plus Paint Protection Protective Coating is classified as a Class II Non-Hazardous Industrial waste and may be disposed of in accordance with local and state waste disposal regulations.


    Weight Solids 51% +/- 1%
    Volume of Solids at Applied Viscosity 50% +/- 1%
    Applied Viscosity 63 to 65 K.U.
    Weight per Gallon 9.01 lbs +/- 1%
    V.O.C. 0.00 lbs/gal
    Recommended Wet Film Thickness 6-8 mils (3-4 dry)

    Storage: Keep bottle tightly closed and away from freezing temperatures.
  • Customers asked us to put Road Warrior Plus to the test by throwing rocks at a car. You asked and we did it! We are always looking for ways to test our product, please Email us with what you would like to see.


    We take a screw driver, sand paper, steel wool, and spray paint to a painted body panel. Road Warrior Plus pulls off revealing paint with no damage! 2 coats provides a 10 mil layer of protection from rocks, bugs, scratches, and abrasions.


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