Step 1:

Paint it on

Using a roller brush, apply 3 THICK COATS.  WARNING: If you only apply one coat, it won't peel easily!   Thicker is better.  Be generous - paint a base coat and wait 5 minutes or so between coats 2 and 3. TEST it on a small section of your hood to make sure you've got it thick enough to peel easily.

Step 2:

let it dry

Dry time depends upon the temperature, humidity, and available sunlight. For fastest dry time, dry in the sun.

Step 3:


You're protected against rock chips, tar, road rubber, you name it..

Step 4:

Peel it off

Peel in the shade at 55-70 degrees (NEVER the sun). Your paint MUST be completely cool. Start with an edge on the perimeter of your protected area. Apply even tension and pull gently close to the paint.  If you applied 3 coats, it will peel easily.  If you only applied 1 coat, it will fracture and leave residue.

helpful hints

  • The thicker you apply Protect ‘n Peel, the better the protection and the easier it will be to peel off.
  • It is essential to apply 2-3 VERY THICK coats.
  • Apply a base coat, let dry for 5 minutes, then coat #2.  Repeat.
  • For fastest drying, let it dry in the sun. Or, use hair dryer.
  • Only peel in the shade when the paint is completely cool.
  • Test it on a small section of your hood.  When peeled, it should be like Saran Wrap or thicker.