Road Warrior Plus

The industry of paint protection products and services fell short when it came to easy to use, attractive, and affordable options. Off the shelf, clear bras are vehicle specific, almost impossible to apply by one person, and quickly show age. Tape is unsightly when put on vehicle surfaces and its thinness offers minimal protection. Clear plastic wraps are also unattractive, expensive, and a challenge to lay flat. It was time for a revolution in paint protection, and Road Warrior Plus emerged.

After many years of rigorous research and testing, Road Warrior Plus came to be. It is a low profile, temporary paint protection coating that is easy to apply by yourself, affordable, and industry proven.

Road Warrior Plus is a “liquid” that is applied to clean finished painted surfaces by a roller/brush or HVLP gun. When allowed to fully air cure to a clear, tough, vinyl covering, it protects the surfaces from blemishes and damage caused by gravel, rubber, tar, bugs, dirt, mud, sand, and salt. Furthermore, removal is just as easy as its application! Simply spray the protected surfaces with water and peel, as if it was shrink wrap. Road Warrior Plus requires no special handling upon disposal.

The same formula works for all painted surfaces with no customization needed. Put it on automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, trailers, RVs, ATVs… the possibilities are endless!