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Road Warrior Plus - Ferrari Paint Protection
If you race or put alot of miles on your car Paint protection has never been easier! This Ferrari F430 used it for a HPDE Weekend at the track. The result was easy cleanup and no damage to the paint!
Take a look:
Road Warrior Plus VS The Back of the Dragon
The famous back of the dragon in VA features 32 miles of the most exciting and technical turns you will ever ride on. The vehicle in the video was driven over 1,000 miles from PA to VA and back. The front end took a beating with rocks, bugs, and road debris. Warrior Plus Paint Protective Coating removed with ease revealing paint as perfect as when the coating was applied! Take a look:

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Jason's C6 Corvette: Thanks to Road Warrior for an awesome product!! I put this stuff to its test by driving from Dallas TX to Tampa FL just over 1100 miles and it worked flawlessly!! I tried both processes of peeling it off by hand and by using a power sprayer so I could see how it would peel both ways. My car is protected with Cquartz paint protection and Road warrior plus was applied after a couple of coats. End result, this stuff works great and I'm very happy with it!!

Customer emails:

I use the product to protect the lower part of the rear quarter panels on my drag car. Otherwise, the rubber that accumulates from doing burnouts can be a real bear to clean off. I simply roll on three coats of your product and, when it gets an accumulation of rubber over a few weeks of racing, I peel it off (rubber and all) and re-apply for the next race! The stuff works great and is virtually invisible. You might consider a marketing campaign aimed at bracket racers as this is a great product when used as I use it and I am not aware of any similar products.

Mickey Toombs
Senior Manufacturing EngineerKeystone Powdered Metal Co.

Maybe you remember me contacting you and purchasing Road Warrior Plus for the Corvette that was going to be raced at Silver State Open Road Race in Nevada?
I just wanted to send you back my thoughts on your product and to let you know how well it worked for the Corvette!
The car was waxed and washed of course before application and then applied and allowed to cure in the sun the day before the race. Ran the race and the bugs weren't terribly awful but only tested the Road Warrior plus on the very front and around the sides of the new ZR1. The rest of the hood etc was not protected by your product. As a result it took a little bit of effort and more to remove the bugs a little more than a week after the race on the rest of the car but just a little bit of water on a cool car and Road Warrior Plus easily took off all of the bugs and no residue was left behind. Our test proves to us how much easier and better the car is protected with your product than without it. From now on we will apply it before every race and even on the trailer to keep off the bugs and dirt that accumulates on a long and sometimes very dirty drive.
We gave out a bunch of your cards and told everyone and showed as many people as we could talk to about your product, so hopefully you will be receiving calls from our contacts.
We will of course be purchasing more Road Warrior Plus for our future use too!
Thanks for all your answers and polite replies to all my questions in the past. I hope to hear back from you again soon!

Ted Fairbairn

I had about ten people look at the car scratch their heads and then ask me what was on it. It was on for eleven days and to the car wash about five times. The best testimonial I can give you was when we washed the car Saturday after the race I asked my wife what she thought and she said "I love it." I used the pressure spray and it cleaned all the product off. I just let it spray for a second and get a bubble somewhere and then just took it all off. After we were finished and dried the car, it looked brand new again. The product was on a yellow ZR1 and our tech speed visited often was 168 MPH in the race. We averaged a little ovre 130 MPH. The only noticable places with the product was where I had touched it up after taking it to the car wash. I just pulled some loose and basically ran the roller back over the top of it. That made it more noticable where the bubble had been and where I had just covered it up. I could have almost as easily removed the RWP from that section and recoated it but didn't want to take the time for two coats. I bought six quarts and one would have been more than enough as I have quite a lot left in the quart bottle after coating the car twice, recoating some edges after car washes and spilling because I filled the roller container too full. I would expect that you should have some inquiries after the race. I will be closed road racing in a week and open road racing in August in Nebraska where there will be billions of bugs so it will really get a work out then.
Jim T

I thought you may be interested in a review of your Road Warrior product I have posted on the CVO Owners Club site - all in all a very positive outcome from your product - I thank you for producing a great product that worked very well.
Best Regards
Melbourne Australia(To view Glen's post on the CVO Owners Club Site, click on this link and scroll down and you will see before and after photo's of Glen's experience with RWP!!!)

I recently bought a bottle of the Road Warrior Plus and just used it for two weekends in a row of HPDE. I want to say that I am very happy with the product. I applied two coats to the front end, headlights, half doors, and half the hood. Did it at night in the garage (78 degF humid) and cured it with a 1800 watt hair dryer. It looks and smells like Elmers glue going on, and dries nearly clear with a firm rubber like feel and orange peel texture when dried. Easy and quick to apply, but takes a little time to cure if doing it with a hair dryer (I'd say about 7-8 minutes of blow drying for one coat over half the hood). I did it last thursday, then did two track days Sat and Sunday. Drove thru about 5 min of rain coming home. Then the car sat that way all week, then I did another track day yesterday, and hosed off the product last night. I hosed the car down, then just used the hose gun stream to blast off the coating, which came off in large sheets. You can peel it off by hand just as easy like the video. The paint underneath is clean and smooth, with no residue left behind. You will probably want to rewash/rewax sections you coated, but does not look necessary. I did use blue painters tape on the very front nose/vertical sections of the bumper just in case extra protection was needed for a large high speed impacts, but I think a 3rd coat of Road Warrior would serve the same purpose. BTW, the Road Warrior can be applied over the tape, which I did to act as extra protection, and to also seal all the edges down to keep them from peeling in the wind. Madshadow recommends not doing the headlights, but I found it cures clear enough that I did it and would recommend it highly. In all, I had about 700 miles of high speed track and travel, and have not found one chip thru this coating. Top speed of about 120 mph on track. Adding up the high speed forays on the track, I calculate that I hit or exceeded 110 mph about 1000 times in 250 racing laps. Road Warrior was still intact and protecting well. Alot of black rubber marks on it from race rubber flying. This is what I will use for track days from now on. Very good product, and I would recommend for track days and long occasional road trips. For a daily driver, it would not be practical.

I really find RWP to be the best protection ever for long roadtrips. Arrived home after 2600 miles and began removing RWP, bugs and all, to reveal a perfectly clean Goldwing. Honda's plasti-chrome was unharmed. Without doubt the easiest way to keep a bike clean while on the road, wet towel, wipe the bike down and go.Stuart Autsin__________ I finally had a chance to use Road Warrior this weekend for two days on track with mixed sun and rain and it worked as advertised. Applied two coats and used a heat gun to dry it. It drys clear and only visible if you are looking for it. Very nice option for long trips or track days.I clayed and waxed the car tonight and noticed the areas where I used RW were really clean so I don't know if if it also helps pull dirt out of the paint.

Purchased a 2010 GL1800 back in May. The dealer tried to sell me a permanent clear film to protect my new ride from road rash, scratches etc.. A friend of mine had some of that put on his bike, it deteriorated and cost more to get off than it did to install. I came across Road Warrior Plus on this site, and love it. Have been on several trips and come across many situations where this stuff saved my bike. It dries clear, even though there is a bit of texture from the roller brush, you don’t see it unless you’re up close to the bike. It has saved my A$$ a couple of times this summer when I crossed a couple of stretches of new chipped sealed roads. No dings, and what tar did get on my bike came off with no effort. I give this product a huge thumbs up!

This stuff is great, 1,100 miles on I-10 in 3 days on a 2,800 mile 8 day trip. Used wet towels to wipe off bugs and road crude. Bike comes out clean in minutes and did not have to worry about scratching paint. Oh yeah, it looks pretty cool. Get home, peel road warrior off and you got yourself a new bike!

I purchased a quart and have really enjoyed using the product on all my vehicles. I just picked up my new boat and covered the trailer with Road Warrior Plus. Usually by the time I travel down the road even once, my trailer looks sandblasted. Guess what, not a ding!!!! Way to go, something that is affordable and useful!

Other uses for Road Warrior Plus
Though the idea was originally envisioned to solve problems related to painting, other uses quickly became apparent. Vinyl bra's eventually scratch up a painted surface, and clear bra's are permanent, not to mention costly.

For a rider who rides to Sturgis every year from Seattle, 1200 miles in 2 days. When we'd get there the bikes were always covered with baked on bugs and road grime. Now I roll some RWP on the fairing and leading edges of the front fender and hard bags (I ride a bagger - custom painted of course!), and when we arrive I simply spray it with some cold water and pull it off. A pretty cool trick for about $2.50!
Road Warrior Plus also protects against minor rock chips!

Are you a Car Show Enthusiast?
If you drive to the show, how much time do you spend cleaning up your ride as soon as you get there?
For about $4.00 an application you can quickly coat the front end of your vehicle and then remove it in minutes,
easily saving you an hours worth of detailing at the show.

Planning a vacation in the family motorhome?
A quick application of Road Warrior Plus Paint Protection to the front end of your motorhome will save you hours of scrubbing when you get home.

Takin' your baby out for a ride?
Do you worry about damaging your pride and joy while taking it for a trip over the mountains or out to the coast?
RWP will protect your vehicle from minor sand and gravel damage. It can be applied in minutes, dries clear and is easily removed. RWP will not come off in the rain.

Worried about winter road salt damage?
To protect your vehicle from winter salt damage it's important to keep it clean and waxed.
Using Road Warrior Plus provides an additional layer of protection against salt, sand and gravel damage.
Road Warrior Plus was used at the 2009 Daytona 200 and the teams loved it. You can't tell it's on the bikes or helmets, all the sponsor logos are still clearly visible. At the end of the race it is easily removed for a quick cleanup before photos.Motorcycle mechanics have been impressed with RWP as a simple way to protect bikes while wrenching in close quarters.