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Cure time will depend on the temperature and humidity. On a cool, cloudy, wet day, say 55 degrees out, you will want to apply under roof, and need to increase the surface temperature of a fresh coat to approximately 120 degrees. This can be achieved with a standard blow dryer, heat gun, or infrared heat. On a sunny day say 70 degrees, park your vehicle in the sun, and allow the surface to absorb the heat. Apply RWP, and with in minutes it will dry and the adhesive will cross over to the surface. If your taking a trip, and anticipate rainy conditions, apply RWP the night before you leave, Applying RWP in your cool garage, without heating the surface and material, will result in potential product failure.

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This video shows RWP being installed.
In direct sunlight over 60 degrees F, it dries clear in minutes and fully cures in 12 hours.