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1-Wash and dry surface to be protected with soap and water (a coat of wax is also preferred, but is not necessary) Cleaning ensures that residue and debris are removed to maximize contact of Road Warrior Plus to the painted surface.

2- Prior to use, gently agitate Road Warrior Plus by slowly inverting the bottle and righting it several times. Do not aggressively shake. Applications should be done in ambient temperatures of 65˚F (19˚C) or above.

3-Pour Road Warrior Plus into roller pan. Thoroughly cover roller with the liquid. Roll the first application of Road Warrior Plus onto the desired area, using even strokes. A complete, thick coat is needed (avoid making thin spots) for optimal end result. It will have a “milky” white appearance when wet.

4-Allow the coating to dry (could take 30 minutes to an hour to air dry)* Coating will turn clear once dried/cured.

5-Once dried/cured, apply second coat to area covered in Step 3, following the same procedure for application and drying. Before direct exposure to the environment, it is important that coating is allowed to fully cure.

*Commercial Use Note: IR medium wave length oven technology can be used and is recommended. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

1-Coating removes easily between temperatures of 60-90˚F (16-32˚C). Do not remove when coating is HOT or in direct sunlight- it is easiest to remove when cool and wet.

2-Spray coated surface with a spray bottle or hose, using cold or warm water, never HOT. Allow water to sit for 2 minutes before peeling by hand. Pressure water from a garden hose or a standard manual car wash system can also be used to remove coating. No adhesive residue will be left behind.