Industry leading ROLL ON solution offers the best protection of your show car, track day, HPDE event, race car, motorcycle, RV, Boat, Trailer, and more. It will stick to all automotive painted finishes.
We are revolutionizing the paint protection industry, making it easier than ever for customers to protect their ride. It has been used by many OEM manufactures for new vehicle paint protection for over a decade.

Road Warrior Plus is a water based solution that rolls on white and turns clear when dry, forming a tough flexible film. It can be left on or used temporarily. The proprietary formula is environmentally safe, can be used on freshly cured painted surfaces, and upon removal leaves no adhesive residue behind.

How it works:

Road Warrior Plus VS The Back of the Dragon
The famous back of the dragon in VA features 32 miles of the most exciting and technical turns you will ever ride on. The vehicle in the video was driven over 1,000 miles from PA to VA and back. The front end took a beating with rocks, bugs, and road debris. Warrior Plus Paint Protective Coating removed with ease revealing paint as perfect as when the coating was applied! Take a look: